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Lesbian kiss tumblr

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Her hands smoothed my hair back from my face and her eyes begged me to kiss her. It only served to make me want to taste her instead. Nude celebs over 50. College dragged so much today, I honestly could not wait for this moment. Every time she caught me inhaling her scent, she would move away.

Her thigh was so soft, and I started tracing lines on her skin gently. Lesbian kiss tumblr. So I did it again, sliding the palm of my hand over her clit to see if her breath would catch again.

We collapse on the bed, both heaving for air. And somehow… she did. I suck on your nipple and flick my tongue over it, playing with its twin with my other hand. I love the feeling of the silk lace against my skin. I got up and kissed her and wrestled with her tongue so that she taste her juices. Hot nude teacher pics. She grabbed my face again, pulling it to hers, kissing me softly… and then she kissed me with urgent need.

I need her in my mouth. I continue exploring her pussy, my tongue roaming in search of her spots, all the while listening to her catch her breath, and then I lift my tongue to her clit and push my fingers inside of her again.

Feel me claw your skin with my nails and sink my teeth into your neck, your shoulder, your lips. She took her fingers and ran them slowly up and down my pussy and then put them in her mouth and sucked them, that alone made me want to cum again. I inhale her scent and close my eyes, listening to her heartbeat slow and enjoying her general touch. Every time I close my eyes, I can feel your fingers in my pussy, pushing deeply inside my walls.

Suddenly Jess was pushing me off of her, back against the cushions. I released a low moan… feeling her against me was pleasure enough and thinking of the long night to come was more than my mind could process.

I pulled back from her, looking into those deep brown eyes. Pin me against the wall and force my arms over my head.

Lesbian kiss tumblr

Okay, so no outright rejection. She kept treading that edge of danger, that edge of curiosity, and then backing away from the actual danger of sleeping with a lesbian. Let me feel your cool tongue on my hot pussy.

I can feel you pulsing, hear the ragged breaths you take while I push between your walls. Nude women hairy pussy. Push your tongue inside my mouth and let me taste your lips. I awakened in the false dawn lying on my side with my left arm beneath her. She became more and more animated, fucking me with vigor until my legs bucked and I could feel the pressure building inside of my walls.

Waited for my breathing to even out, and then she licked up my juices.

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Suddenly Jess was pushing me off of her, back against the cushions. Milf taboo videos. Sucking on your sweet skin, I move down your body, my left hand caressing your nipple while I blow on it.

We were in the kitchen one night, just her and I and like everyday she wore a short night dress that came just under her ass. Pull my thighs up to your neck and wrap your arms around them.

I can feel your tongue against my pearl, between my lips, making me wetter with each lick. Your arms have wrapped around my neck and my hands are exploring your back, nails scratching you just deep enough to send a thrill of pleasure through you. My lips pause on their journey between her legs and she pulls me up to her chest, clutching me tightly while I push harder inside of her, deeper, faster.

When I know that you can hardly stand the pressure building up inside of you anymore, I break the kiss. I grabbed at the button her pants with one hand, the other firmly on her breast and my lips on her navel, but she stopped me. One hand released my thigh and I thought I had a moment to breathe, but then her fingers plunged inside of me and I released a moan of surprise that echoed off the walls. You gasp with a surprised moan and I reach my finger up to your lips.

Sitting up, I remove her panties with her help and I settle myself between her legs, fully on top of her. I shuddered once, twice, thrice, her fingers still inside of me, her hair clenched in my fist, and then I collapsed back against the pillows.

This was uncharted territory. I began to pull away, head down, eyes trained on the floor. Milf stepmom pov. Lesbian kiss tumblr. I pulled back from her, looking into those deep brown eyes. It only served to make me want to taste her instead. And then… let me collapse on the floor, heaving with exhaustion and release.

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I had to know that this was what she wanted, and so we stood like that for what seemed like an eternity. I gave in to the urge, took control, and kissed her deeper. I love the feeling of the silk lace against my skin. Naked girl truck. I settle to my knees on the floor and pull your legs up onto my shoulders.

Stripping myself of my leggings and top, my fingers tangled themselves…. Parting them gently to run her thumb across my teeth. You only have one leg on my shoulder now, and I let it slide off as I stand up, my fingers stroking inside of you. I bit her nipple and that made her body twitch so I did it again and then I pulled up her night dress over her head and started kissing down her stomach until I reached her throbbing centre.

She tasted so good, I went down to her neck and sucked on her sweet spot which lead to her letting out a few moans. You shiver beneath me, quivering with anticipation. I reached for her belt loop and she stood up fast, stepping away from me.

She gave a low groan in return.


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