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His own come that had been on Kibas stomach was smearing all over his face and hair. Huge tit cumshot videos. What the hell are you doing? Looking at the seal right now, she indeed had no idea what it was used for Naruto did as he had been taught by Kakashi the night before and gathered chakra to his core.

Panting, Kiba keeled over momentarily. There was a change in him. Kiba inuzuka naked. Kiba collapsed onto the floor, exhausted and barely conscious. Wide eyes, a delicate built and a round pretty face. This earned a smirk from the Hokage. Tenten will be here soon to pick up her package and deliver you the items you requested. Oh my god she is so cute!!! Meanwhile, a female figure in a delivery outfit approached the Hyuuga compound gates, pushing a cart with a large crate and two smaller packages He buried his hands into the blond's soft hair and unceremoniously pushed the tip of his large cock against red bruised lips.

Naruto shut his eyes close tightly, gripping his pillow so he wouldn't touch himself. I did not expect the rumors about Danzo. Nude pics of third gender. I can't wait for you to come and I look forward to your arrival as well! He blushed furiously at the thought. His arms gave in under the shaking orgasm as Kiba continued to drill his cock into him. Bless the person who made this. And yet, he couldn't tell anyone about this — no-one.

Now there is one other oneshot I might be writing next week for you guys. Most recent Most popular Most recent. He knew it was silly of him to worry; how could anyone possibly know who or what he was? Kiba nodded frantically at everything Hinata said, lost in an ocean of intense pleasure.

Naruto laid on top of Kiba and slowly started to suck on his dick. It didn't last long. Seeing the blond like this gave a powerful jolt to Kiba's cock. She was trained to do her best, to be the best. To his surprise, the guards followed him into the room, closing the door behind them.

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The dog's fur wasn't smoothed down like it usually was, but there was a rugged element to it at the moment.

As Kiba arrived at the main gate, he was approached by two noticably well-endowed female Hyuuga. Naked girls tits pic. Kiba tightened his fingers on Naruto's hips and slammed back and forth so hard, the veins against his muscles were poping underneath his skin. Even so, she still wished it was Naruto lying at the foot of her bed, waiting for his mistress to awake. Before Hinata could blink, Kiba was on his knees in front of her in a begging position, whining desperately.

He had some errands to run to make his new home more comfortable, so he dressed up and headed out. Naruto felt embarrassed for coming so much and so hard, drooling mouth still trapping the jounin's cock tightly.

Naruto's ass tasted amazing -he even let teeth graze the hole from time to time- and judging by the adorable squeals and whimpers he was hearing, the blond definitely enjoyed this was well. His dick was standing right up, ready for Naruto. Right now, Akamaru had only one objective and that was Kiba. Kiba inuzuka naked. At the same time, Hinata gave Kiba's ass one final, hard squeeze.

This would explain why he couldn't smell it himself, but Akamaru could. Lesbian dorm sex. Sasuke pushed the tunic back down reluctantly. Kiba was glad she didn't see the episode that had taken place, but she could tell something was wrong with Kiba because of his face. He hastily dressed and left the room without a glance at his dog.

He bit his lip down hard, savouring the stretching of Naruto's lips around his fat cock and the wetness and the warmth tightening around him. What was he going to do? JavaScript is required to view this site. Naruto felt tears gather to his eyes again as he got pounded into violently and enjoyed the mix of post-orgasmic pleasure and pain.

His hole felt completely numb, yet the vibrator tickled his guts pleasantly.

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He held himself with the bars of the headboard for better control. His member was about to come into sight when a bang on the door made Kiba jump so much that he hastily turned over onto his front to conceal his intentions. He captured the blond into a sweet kiss which quickly turned ferocious, devouring every corner of Naruto's mouth, biting on plump lips and swallowing every moan hungrily.

Naruto threw his head back, a stream of pre-come forcing itself out. As soon as he realised he did such a strange act, his train of thought was broken. The door banged again and Kiba jumped out of his skin, pushing Akamaru away and covering his bottom half with his duvet.

He heard steady thumping noises and what sounded like wet flesh. Tits pop out on tv. Sasuke kept his hand possessively on Naruto's shoulder as they sat.


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