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President; Civil War general;best-selling American author; face is pictured on the U. Fernando wouldn't let his own teenage son live in his house? He just happened to marry a woman who was a top ten box office star of the '50s and she retired to serve him! She left a big bundle to the Catholic Church, didn't she? Lorenzo lamas full frontal Discussion in ' Models and Celebrities ' started by metrymanJan 8, Why is he so ugly now?

One creepy and obese guy I know used to provide massage services at bodybuilding meets, and Lamas showed up at one and said he was "tight. Nude olympian pics. He was bigger than life. Do we know if he inherited daddy's big-dick genes?

Would you really want to be in a helicopter flown by that guy?? To me it looks like he has had plastic surgery Yeah she sure did.

Lorenzo Lamas is a mess! He has a huge cock. Lorenzo lamas naked. Miss Dahl as her 2 gay companions told me she likes to be called still wears her ankle length early 80's fur Still, you'd think that Arlene or his "best friend" Jane Wyman could have thrown him a bone or two.

I know it's mostly us old farts kicking up the dust, but why ruin memories when that all most of us have left? I can recall Fernando bragging to Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show that his son "Lucky" called to tell him that he was lying in bed with a pair of twins. No, create an account now. Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. Unfortunately, his television success also brought Lamas serious drugs problems and difficulties in maintaining a stable relationship.

He had periods of time in the 80s and 90s when he was in and out of shape but now he's in excellent shape. Hot girls bouncing tits. He would have looked like a hot older man if he left well enough alone.

Pretty sad for the son of Arlene Dahl and Fernando. You say that you were blinded by her looks. Hits the shelves next month. He'll have 2 opportunities to sell his book. R, Billy was so fucking cute. In the OPs picture he looks like an iguana. Oscar-nominated actor-director; American author Yes, my password is:

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I will always love him. Masturbating in the pool??

Step-mother Esther grew to dislike him. Naked native pics. Lorenzo lamas naked. How do you know that they didn't at some point?

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He looks pretty good now except for those hideous and tragic tattoos. In the OP photo what happened to his belly button?

He has terrible taste in women. I guess that didn't bring in any money. It was kind of a surprise, and I heard later he didn't even stay the whole weekend he was booked for. Five months after his filing, Lamas was discharged from his bankruptcy— but he may not be in the clear just yet. Lorenzo Lamas and Heather Locklear. Massive lesbian whorgy. Unless of course you stand to lose something like a house, but really a ten year mortgage should be your goal anyway, and throw that in a trust and put your savings in an untouchable k or such.

Do you already have an account? Big Game multistate Lotto jackpot winners in in the U. Though I thought he had very bad posture. That Shayna is just a vile human being. Marlene Dietrich hated Fernando Lamas. Check out that picture. Were Lamas and Dahl close?

Instead Trump is now feasting on his bones. Lorenzo Lamas is simply ridiculous. I love my son. He was very judgmental. Gen nude matte liquid lipcolor swag. Civil War photographer R7, that's very early 80s porn star Bon Knoll. Dec 14, Messages: Seriously where is it? It is not as if he looks like a monster now.


The shapeless hoodies, the shirts you bought because they were cheap in a pack from Walmart? Amateur gets huge tits banged in fake taxi. Posts Ask me anything Archive. Time to go back for more plastic till they are completely rock solid. Maybe you have to work harder. Fake big tits Aletta Ocean anal wrecked.

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If he has an opinion, you agree. Sweat out that fat, little cardio bunny. Brunette lesbian couple with big fake tits touching and kissing in bed.