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Mcdonalds nude pic

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The incident was captured on surveillance video and uploaded -- with commentary by employees -- to the Internet, where it became a viral sensation.

Details are not being included here. Also think about it. Nude girl on roof. Joe25 Nov Masnick but certainly is not fine with me. The harm should be to McDonald's because they are a family restaurant.

Mcdonalds nude pic

Beaten, tied up, kidnapped by 2 Arkansans, wo With that type of info they can build a timeline for when the guy lost the phone, when it was reported lost, when they called the guy the first time stating they had found it, when the employee sent the text message to the guy's wife, etc. Mcdonalds nude pic. On top of that, if his wife is so hot, why the heck does he need pics if he goes home to her every night? You have to wonder, as a previous commenter noted, what the guy was doing with nekkid photos of the wife on his cell phone maybe that explains those long trips into the restroom.

McDonalds isn't your freaking babysitter. Manager Aaron Brummley declined to comment, and other company officials didn't return messages. I would be surprised if it even goes to court. By Scott F Davis. Hot sexy southern girls. God I love it! If an employee acts out of line and the company doesn't fire them THEN they can be liable for later actions. Tomoyo25 Nov A firm is responsible for the actions of an employee relating to the job when directly the customer on the firm's behalf.

You are currently logged in as. I can't see how McDonald's is liable here. Where are those pictures nowadays? Steve Los Angeles, CA. Brings new meaning to the term "Happy Meal". Holder25 Nov 3: You give zero reason why McDonalds is at fault as opposed to the employee. But it goes further The Fried Piper25 Nov Larry30 Nov 4: They can't get an order right you didn't think they were going to get this right did you.

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Examine it closely and there is only one way the finger should point. Brazzers sexy xxx. Honestly, how many people would know whom to call when you lose your phone somewhere? You have to wonder if this was planned. Mcdonalds nude pic. It reminds me of a story I read about some dumb slut that kept hundreds of nude pictures of herself on her laptop.

Is it McDonald's responsibility that the pictures are posted on the internet within an hour? Steve Los Angeles, CA. Again, there is a lack of details here, but given the posting and subsequent harassment of the couple, this smells like there was something personal here. Notify me when there are new discussions. Who left the phone? I'm well aware of the differences between the two. Thanks for kicking off the conversation! Bill Clinton25 Nov Sullivan-Reinhart26 Nov 6: Central Arkansas mayor, sch He might be all of the above but it was the employee who did the actual wrongdoing.

The person finding the envelope can claim the husband gave him the pictures, or better, sold him the pictures - it would be funnier if it was true. Now that you know this, tell everyone else who asks that way we don't have to pull the crayons out for everyone else too. Ebony tits and pussy. Wouldn't be surprised if he uploaded the pictures himself and then "forgot" his phone at McDonalds. RS25 Nov After all, he might have left the pictures in a restaurant, but he didn't post them to the internet.

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Most of us probably would not have even heard about or seen the pics had this guy not sued. So when I read the subject line I was thinking "Guy leaves phone in Mc Donalds and Mc Donalds employee's put the naked pictures of his wife on the Internet" - I didn't read anywhere in the article as WHO put the pictures on that web?

The guy doesn't have a case. I suspect those will pop up again. Jizzle25 Nov 1: Much better article here: Looking over the article, it appears McDonald's had possession of the phone and said they would keep it secure for him. Sue the guy who did it. If an employee acts out of line and the company doesn't fire them THEN they can be liable for later actions.

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That's easy for you to say. Mcdonalds News Forums Not a Topix user yet? The woman filmed ransacking a Florida McDonald's while topless says she has very little memory of the incident, and that it was a bipolar episode. Perhaps he paid cash for his meal, and now where is that persons identity?

So if u have a picture of a patent - of some type - on ur cell phone - the finder is liable. Really hot naked chicks. Amazing busty milf Jizzle25 Nov 1: Keep your crayons where they belong. It is from these acts and failure to do what was promised that creates the liability as alleged by the Plaintiffs.

With all the lawyers in need of income in any way they can steal it, why not? But it goes further Enter your email to get updates when people reply. Mcdonalds nude pic. But look at it my way.


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