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Javier Rey as Mateo. Luscious tits pics. I had to read Wikipedia in Spanish to find out who some of the actors are that was actually fun.

Does V-me have subtitles? Casas has four younger siblings. Maxi Iglesias as Max. But why have none of you talked about Dona Blanca! I need to watch both of those, too. Yon gonzalez nude. Not only is he handsome, but also he's a terrific actor. Los hombres de Paco Paco's Men. It really stands out because almost all of the characters are very strong, 3 layered characters.

I did read that Netflix has hired the producer and writer of Gran Hotel and Velvet to do an original series for them. Probably the best picture of Llorenc's hairy butt. My only request would be please get better wigs. Michiel huisman nude. Edit Details Official Sites: Plus it was very professional of her to assume a third-tier supporting role in which to excel after having been the lead in a wildly successful show. Except he's not insane. Grupo 7 Unit 7. Are you sure it was "cancelled", r10?

I could see both a happy or unhappy ending for Andres's mother I could see her dying, but dying happy because her son was happythe brother and the brother-in-law.

Even getting the lead guy back, Alberto, for the final episodes didn't help. Hetero romance bores me to tears but those two actors have really good chemistry together and they are both so fucking beautiful.

The subtitled show runs 66 minute episodes. Then the whole thing disappeared but we can put the pieces together and assume the daughter informed her father that it was her sister who had pushed her out the window, so the duel was called off and the General and the remaining live daughter blew off into the sunset.

They didn't even try to pull the last episode together, it was a complete disaster. Share your comments Cancel reply. However, she did murder two people, and have to think that came back to haunt her at some point. Lloenc does alright with Velvet. Big boobs nude public. Paco's Men The Boat. I agree, much better show although I still love the cable girls.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Retro big tits movies. Tres metros sobre el cielo Three Steps Above Heaven. Yon gonzalez nude. Spaniards are gross and racist. Do you remember what happened to the sister and her estranged noble husband?

The show is irresistible and I completely agree about Julio and Alicia. His girlfriend, Paty, is a cup cake lover and a blogger whose maximum aspiration is to be famous on the In fact there's another actress who plays a spoiled little "princess" who goes batshit crazy.

So I did that, but still had issues with this show. Good to know - was thinking about checking out Velvet - but might hold off esp. Great show but needs more nudity and shirtless scenes though Yon shows a nice basket through most of the episodes.

Lloenc does alright with Velvet. It was eventually the highest-grossing Spanish film of the year. The first two and half seasons of Velvet are great. Saggy tits outdoor. He makes me smile. I tried to find a good summary of how it ended, but never really found one.

I 'd love to see a lot more of Yon Gonzalez. I think the first season is on Netflix and the second season as well.

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They are SO dramatico, and they absolutely telegraph every thing to you to make sure you "get it. Be as daring as you like, as long as you are of age, let me help you share it with the world! Kind of reminds me of Thorn Birds in that fact. Are you sure it was "cancelled", r10? The writers seemed to go out of their way to make it as bad and nonsensical as possible. OF all the characters I think Pedro gets on my nerves most. I'm going to say something very Frau-ish so brace yourselves: The cops solve all the mysteries and there's even a half-joking implied homoerotic relationship between them, as they end us spending many nights in the hotel sleeping in shared close quarters.

Haven't seen the second one yet. Um, r10, the attached article describes how it was a happy ending at the Grand Hotel and just servings for all the villains.

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By my rather wobbly count, there are at least 6 people who want to either seize or retain control of the company. I could see both a happy or unhappy ending for Andres's mother I could see her dying, but dying happy because her son was happythe brother and the brother-in-law.

I binged watched it for about 3days! And the resurrections are even more spectacular. My favorite was a certain character's kind of 3-D, slow-motion death Henry Cavill as Julio. Blindfolded and naked. Turk was dead cold by morning. Mexico is doing a version. By the end of season 2, I was a little tired of it and needed a break, but always intended to go back and watch season 3, and now it is off Netflix.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. R15, IMDb says the third and last season was made in Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mario Casas. Lesbian abuse porn videos Simon transports illegal immigrants to New York, leaving them to their fate. The actress who plays Rita was nominated but did not win.

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Ebony lesbian tgp That freedom comes with police — nerve wracking, indeed. His girlfriend, Paty, is a cup cake lover and a blogger whose maximum aspiration is to be famous on the
Who played the lesbians in american pie 2 In other projects Wikimedia Commons.
Huge tits topless I am used to time piece tv shows doing a better job with the music and dancing according to the era. The editing was great. Carne de neon Neon Meat.


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